Earlier today, I did a 1+ hour Live Google Hangout training on the principles and strategies that have helped me make a six figure income this year online with our community Team Take Massive Action and the system of Empower Network.

In this Free Google Hangout Training, I go over:

- How I’ve made tens of thousands of dollars from free marketing right here on Facebook
- How to build relationships w/people via Facebook
- The template for making successful marketing videos
- The difference between front end marketing & back end marketing otherwise known as “FEBE”
- Creating A Successful Mindset
- The Power of Live events

I also reveal on this hangout personal details of how when I was 8 years old, I was in a near death car accident & how that has influenced me in life and business forever!!

If your looking for proven ideas, strategies, and success principles to build a successful business with Empower Network or any other business, then watch this training…

If you are not yet a member of our Team Take Massive Action with Empower Network,
you can click the Get Started Now button below and join our community!

If you have any questions and would like to connect with me personally, fill
out the Contact Peter Sorensen form at the top of this page. Or go here…


I will be in the Denver Area for the 6,000+  person Empower Network Event
“Don’t Be A Wussy 2013!” This EPIC event is happening July 19th-21st.

Now I’ve decided to do something special for the next 3 people who choose to
join Me in Empower Network with our Team Take Massive Action and make the
powerful, life changing decision to attend our event in Denver July 19th-21st.

Watch this video to learn more about the event
and how you can claim the $177 Free Bonus…

So in summary,

1. You must join Empower Network  with me personally between July 1st & 15th
by clicking here …

Join Peter Sorensen in Team Take Massive Action

2. You attend the Denver event and take a picture with me ;) (video even better)

3. Once you join, you will need to buy your ticket and ATTEND the event. I will confirm
you are coming to Denver, send me a personal email Peter@PeterSorensen.com
and  I will personally Paypal you to rebate you back the cost of the event ticket

Denver and 6,000 Entrepreneurs 

I LOVE these events! I love meeting people from my team  that I coach and mentor online & over the phone when we’re not at an event. Its great to connect & build true friendships.

The Denver event will have people ALL over the world flying in. We have people coming
from Japan, Hawaii, Australia, Spain, Canada, Mexico, Europe….. all coming to Denver to hear how REAL people are making extraordinary incomes online with our system…

*income disclosure… results are not typical but when you attend we do this commission countdown segment where we ask how many people have made money with our teams…. and 95% at EVERY EVENT say they have… 95%…. made money. Most companies or things have 5% make money… we have FLIPPED the script on it… you gotta see it to experience it…

I Want To MEET You In Person

I have helped a LOT of people in the home business industry since I first got started in 2003…

That being said, I want to meet YOU… the completely NEW person…


I’m a real person who used to be a struggling entrepreneur. Back in 2009,
I read the book ‘The Four Hour Work Week’  and began asking the question…

“can you really make money online… really?”

That began the journey, countless hours and thousands of dollars spent, with
still little success and most importantly, hard to find real people I could learn from.

I didn’t believe it at first, but I kept on going and fortunately I found Empower Network!

All things changed when I found this company called Empower Network with a few
friends and we decided to form our community, Team Take Massive Action.

From Struggling To Now Living My Dreams

Because of this system, the education we have and most importantly events like
Don’t Be A Wussy, I have been able to now make a 6 Figure  income with days as
much $13k and live one of my dream by moving to Costa Rica and living in my dream home…


Now all that being said, I want YOU to have it even easier then I had it!

I want to save you A LOT of time, money and frustration!

I want YOU to believe it right off the bat! Shorten your learning curve!

all that will happen! I can say that with 100% conviction!

Here’s a quick story for you. Last September, just a couple of months
after getting started, we had an event coming up in San Diego. I committed
to myself that this would be the time I had a major break through in the business.

I committed to myself and others that I would do whatever it took to get into
the Top 25 out of tens of thousands of affiliates and make my first
5 figure month in this business. As a result, I was able to….

Share My Success Story on Stage to 2,500 People!


I want you to be able to have this kind of life changing experience!

And it all starts with you making the decision to get started and get to Denver!

I am here to assist you, I am willing to Co-Invest into your success by getting
your ticket to the “Don’t Be A Wussy” Event in Denver July 19th-21st.
All you have to do now is take these 3 simple action steps:

1. You must join Empower Network  with me personally between July 1st & 15th
by clicking here …

Join Peter Sorensen in Team Take Massive Action

2. You attend the Denver event and take a picture with me ;) (video even better)

3. Once you join, you will need to buy your ticket and ATTEND the event. Then confirm
you are coming to Denver, send me a personal email Peter@PeterSorensen.com
and  I will personally Paypal you to rebate you back the cost of the event ticket

I look forward to personally working with you, getting you trained, seeing you in Denver,
& introducing you to all of the amazing people on our Team Take Massive Action!


I was inspired to shoot this video to share my gratitude for my mother Janette Freeman
and to all of the amazing mothers out there! Speaking of gratitude, watch and listen to
the video as I also share a very valuable life and business lesson about the law of gratitude.

And to all the many amazing women out there who have the title of being a MOM, I commend you! I don’t know how you do it! I am so humbled by how you do it all.

And to the women who are apart of our Team Take Massive Action and our Super Women’s Group, you ROCK!! This group is full of inspiring, passionate, committed women who are taking massive action to create a better life for them and ther families!

To learn more about our Super Women of Team Take Massive Action, go here…

Super Women of Team Take Massive Action

Several leaders in our Team Take Massive Action were over at my home here in
Costa Rica yesterday hanging out, masterminding, and enjoying a beautiful day.

As we were talking, I thought of how the principles from the book Think and Grow
Rich have changed our lives and our businesses. All of us began reflecting on our lives,
our stories, the struggles and challenges we’ve had, and how we overcame them by
using some of these powerful success principles combined with the incredible
financial vehicle we have with our Team Take Massive Action & Empower Network. 

Then like most entrepreneurs, I had the idea to share these lessons, experiences,
and stories with our entire community. So inside of 10 minutes, we set up this
Google Hangout and broadcasted it out LIVE to our team!

Set aside some time to really watch and listen closely to the wisdom and stories
share in this hangout. You’ll realize after watching this hangout that you really
do have the power to transform your life!

Principles of “Think & Grow Rich” That Changed Our Lives …

Masterminding on the beaches of the world with people who are going places in life
is definitely where its at! It really is such an incredible opportunity to mastermind
with a like minded, successful group of people. And of course it doesn’t hurt that we were doing this in such a beautiful place that I’m sooooo grateful to call my home now!

Now one of the most important principles Napoleon Hill talked about in the book
Think and Grow Rich was the power of a mastermind! Being apart of a mastermind
group like we have in our Team Take Massive Action is so critical to your success!

With it, your virtually guaranteed to have succes. Without it, good luck!!

This is why I am so passionate about masterminding, working together as a team,
meeting in person at live events, and really building true friendships and relationships
as you go out there as an entrepreneur and build a business.

I would highly encourage you to create your own mastermind group so you too can
be able to discuss and brainstorm ideas with people face-to-face. Whether that’s
online on a hang out or even better, when its person. Either way, do it!

If you want a short cut to your success, just become apart one thats already formed!
Become apart of a group and system thats already set up, already in place, already
working and just plug in!

Luckily for you, we have that here with our Team Take Massive Action

When you join our team, you will instantly be plugged into a group of positive, successful,
like minded people who all want more out of life and are taking action to get it!

Imagine how amazing you will feel when you know with absolute certainty that your in
the right place at the right time with the right team! This can be your experience in a matter
of minutes when you decide in this moment to take action now and join us!


This past weekend, I was in Chicago for the Empower Network
Get Money event with over 5,000 badasses! (really cool people)

One of the cool things about the Empower Network events is that
people come from all over the country and the world. Meeting
so many people that are committed to their business, committed
to living a better life.

Jesse, a 12 year old from Holland is certainly one of these
amazing people! And yes, he is only 12! Jesse was brought up
on stage for the success he is having working with Empower Network
as an affiliate. You have to watch this video to believe it…

As you saw in the video, Jesse explained to the entire  5,000 person
audience that he earned $12,000 in the last 4 months with
Empower Network, working it part-time!! 

(His dad owns the account, as you have to be 18 to join Empower
Network, but this young man is the one doing all the marketing and
generating the income.)

After seeing this story first hand, you have to ask yourself, what’s your
excuse? I mean really, if a 12 year old can do it, you certainly can do it!

He goes to school full time, has friends & does things 12 yr olds do…

And STILL has made time to learn how to make money
online with Empower Network in only 2-3 hours a day…

$12,000 in just the last 4 months.

In case you don’t get it..

That’s $3,000 a month over the last 4 months….for a 12 yr old!! LOL

Jesse is bringing home what the average American makes from
working 40+ hours per week at their job! What’s your excuse?

Let’s get you started! Join Me In Our Freedom Movement Here


Click here to learn more about our Team Take Massive Action!

peter sorensen's check at empower network get money event

** Just because Jesse made $12,000 in 4 months and I made
$37,000+ in the first 3 months of 2013, doesn’t mean that you will.

Results are not typical, because our Members are not typical.

Be sure to see our earnings statement at the bottom of every page
of our website so that you can be sure that being in business is for you.

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